Holly, The Captain, and Handsome Jack


I have, to date, self-published one novel, released in April 2012.  It is called Holly, The Captain, and Handsome Jack, and you should obviously go buy it and read it.

Here’s a blurb:  Holly is a young woman born and raised in the Virginia colony. Upon returning home from several years living in England, she realizes that she is bound for spinsterhood, with the rest of her hometown marrying off during her absence. Things start to change with the arrival of a dashing Captain who soon befriends Holly. But when a mysterious outlaw named Handsome Jack enters their lives, what will become of Holly and her dashing captain?

You can buy it!  $12 for hardcover, or just 99 cents for ebooks (both Kindle and Nook) at the following locations:
Barnes & Noble

Check out the book’s Goodreads page and review here:  Goodreads

And here’s an author interview I did with another blogger:  Anna Mardoll’s Ramblings

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