Shoot Thy Neighbor

Today I’d like to talk about the disgusting appearance of Mark and Patricia McCloskey at the Republican National Convention. I know this news is almost two weeks old, but there’s been a lot of traumatic news to process recently, so forgive me if it took some time to parse and articulate my thoughts on this … More Shoot Thy Neighbor

(in defense of) Getting Excited About Kamala Harris

Last week, when Kamala Harris was announced as Biden’s VP pick, I got excited and posted the following comment on Facebook:  “KAMALA HARRIS YES YES YES! Someone get me a giant yard sign STAT!” Most of my Facebook feed was full of other super excited pro-Harris posts, but one Facebook friend was less enthusiastic. He … More (in defense of) Getting Excited About Kamala Harris


This morning I saw a video that brought back a memory for me. The incident in the video occurred a few days ago and is described here. In it, a white lady in a nice middle-class suburban neighborhood is calling the police on he black neighbors while continuing to argue with them. According to the … More Ingrained

2020 Oscars: Reactions and Final Thoughts

I’ve spent the past month trying to watch as many of this yea’rs Oscar nominees as possible, and to review them as I went. Here’s yesterday’s pre-awards-show wrap-up, complete with individual links to all 14 reviews: I didn’t get to do as much overall analysis and predicting as I’d hoped because I ran out … More 2020 Oscars: Reactions and Final Thoughts