2020 Oscars: Reactions and Final Thoughts

I’ve spent the past month trying to watch as many of this yea’rs Oscar nominees as possible, and to review them as I went. Here’s yesterday’s pre-awards-show wrap-up, complete with individual links to all 14 reviews: https://helgawithouttheh.com/2020/02/10/2020-oscars-overall-thoughts-and-predictions/ I didn’t get to do as much overall analysis and predicting as I’d hoped because I ran out … More 2020 Oscars: Reactions and Final Thoughts

A Story

Here’s a story about something that happened this week on NextDoor. For those who are unaware, NextDoor is a social media site that is specific to small geographic regions. The entire purpose is to create a sense of community within a neighborhood. It’s just a high-tech version of the community bulletin board. “Lost cat!” “Curb … More A Story

My Controversial Thoughts on Last Night’s Game of Thrones Finale

Look, I know a lot of people have some very strong feelings about last night’s episode of Game of Thrones. I know this last season has been thoroughly controversial. Between the dark cinematography, the clunky timing, and the disappointment of seeing our beloved characters treated as they are, is it possible to regain the trust … More My Controversial Thoughts on Last Night’s Game of Thrones Finale

2019 Oscar Results and Reactions

  Well, well, well, the results are in, and its time to dissect my pics! First, check out my reviews of the nominees (and should-have-been nominees) here: https://helgawithouttheh.com/2019/02/15/2019-oscar-reviews/ Next, take a look at this handy hastily-made chart (complete with misspellings and typos that I’m too lazy to correct) of the winners, as compared to who … More 2019 Oscar Results and Reactions

On Terror Attacks, Refugees, and Ignorance

I’ve always meant for this blog to be a place where I can get my thoughts out via original content whenever something is weighing on my mind, and now, finally, here it is, my first original blog post!  I’m going super serious here, because there is some super serious shit happening out there. ************************* Yesterday … More On Terror Attacks, Refugees, and Ignorance