Goodreads Review: Oh Myyy! There Goes the Internet by George Takei

Three Star review, originally posted here on September 5, 2014.

Meh. I’m a big fan of George Takei’s social media presence, but this book was unfortunately just a waste of space. I didn’t have particularly high expectations, but figured it would be a lighthearted romp through the internet, probably just listing some of the most interesting or hilarious moments of Takei’s online exploits from his viewpoint. I guess that’s pretty much what this was, but it overall seemed disjointed and unfocused, unfunny, and blandly written. It’s not super terrible or anything, not quite bad enough to warrant a 1 star review, but it was basically just a non-entity with no real insights, information, or delivery.
I feel bad leaving such a bad review because Takei seems like such a genuine and lovely person, and one who has brightened my day on numerous occasions. Great guy; just not a great writer.

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