Yelp! Review: Kentuck Campground in Ohiopyle, Pennsylvania

Four Star review, originally posted here on September 5, 2013 and updated on August 27, 2015.

ORIGINAL POST:  I’m surprised by some of the negative reviews here.  Kentuck was a pretty typical, nice camground.  It’s relatively big, so there are plenty of options and variety.  I’d been warned about the alcohol policy but took a chance and didn’t run into any problems.  A cop car pulled through once, but didn’t even stop.  Just don’t be a dick about it, I guess, and you should be fine.  Or just don’t drink?  [shrug]

I’m also not sure where these firewood complaints came from.  I don’t think I’ve ever been to a camground with free firewood, so the firewood shop right by the entrance seemed very convenient.  I think someone said you are required to get your firewood there, but I didn’t run into anything that would indicate a militaristic firewood monopoly.  The firewood shop was self-serve and under a roof (read: dry), so you can pick which logs you want.

As for the size of the campsites, they weren’t exactly private, but they weren’t any smaller than any other campground I have been to.  One pretty awesome feature is that you can pick your site online when you make your reservation, and they have photos of every single site.  We were in site 73, so we had 1 set of close neighbors but were otherwise pretty much on our own.

Major Pros:
-Location!  You can’t get much closer to all the cool stuff in Ohiopyle!
-Beauty!  You’re in the middle of the forest, and it is GORGEOUS out there!
-Finally, the SHOWERS were great!  Like, we had hot water!  And a normal faucet!  And solid water pressure!  This may not seem like a big deal, but for a campground bathroom, that’s all pretty damn impressive!


UPDATE:  I’ve returned to Kentuck Campground twice since writing my original review.  I still stand by everything I said in my original post, and I still enjoy and recommend this place, but I can see where people’s visits could be hit-or-miss.  It just depends on where in the park you wind up staying.  We reserved last-minute last year and wound up wedged into a more cramped spot.  This year we picked a well-located spot, but wound up camping on gravel instead of dirt.  So pick wisely and pay attention to those site photos!  I also raved about the bathrooms in my last review.  My shower was still pretty amazing this year, but this time the bathroom had a light that didn’t turn on (nobody could find a switch anywhere), was out of soap, and the hand dryer was broken.  So, again, it’s a pretty typical campground, and the degree of awesomeness of your experience might vary a little.

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