Facebook Posts: October 1 – 5, 2013

Today was day 1 of my 1-month yoga challenge. I am too sick to exercise. So I spent 30 minutes watching videos on meditation that instructed me on how to sit around and not do anything. Holy cow, yoga is boring so far. Can’t wait to feel better so I can try something a little more exciting.
Day 2 of my 1 month yoga challenge, and I’m still too sick to actually move. Thankfully I found a video called “Yoga for Hangovers.” Jackpot!
Day 3 of 1-Month Yoga Challenge (for sick people): Slow Flow Restorative. I found this filed in the “beginner” section, though chicks in the video were holding their feet to the backs of their skulls and everyone did the splits. But it also ended with two minutes of just lying on the floor and “feeling the breath move through your body” or some such nonsense, so not too bad.
Day 4 of yoga challenge: suckered in my brother to join me and did some healthy back twisting type stuff. Day 5 of yoga challenge: yin yoga spine work. Yin yoga involves spending an hour falling asleep in uncomfortable positions. Good for sick girl. Bad for sick girl’s chronic back pain. Or maybe it’s good pain? I can’t tell.
(Note:  About a week later I was diagnosed with mono, which explains why I was too sick to get through even the easiest yoga session and unfortunately had to quit the challenge.)

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