Heritage Days Final Rehearsal 2014

Originally posted in June 2014. (Note: This website no longer exists, hence links to it no longer function.)

Check out this video! And then, go here to our video section to check out some more! Once you’re done, you may find yourself asking many questions.

First up, you will exclaim “Holy moly those are some awesome t-shirts! Who is responsible for bringing such beauty into this world?” We wholeheartedly agree with you- those are some amazing T-shirts. We’ve been meaning to post about their awesomeness for some time now, but didn’t have any photos or videos with which to show them off until now. HUGE THANKS TO T-SHIRT MASTERMIND IMANTS MOHSENI for stepping up to the plate and handling both the design and the ordering. If you’d like to see one up close and in person, just find any Namejs member and follow them around for a few days, because these have already become a regular staple in everyone’s wardrobes.

Once you have regained your shirt-shattered compusure (seriously, people, hold it together), you will think “Huh, I wonder where and why they are dancing? It looks like their regular rehearsal space, except there a bunch of tables and a handful of people wandering around and everyone is wearing matching outfits that are not made of wool.” How very astute of you. Those of you who have been paying close attention to the world of Namejs will be aware that this past weekend marked two very special events for Namejs: Montgomery County Heritage Days and our big bad final rehearsal before this upcoming weekend’s Dziesmu Svetki in Hamilton, Canada. For the first time in Namejs history we combined these two events, and instead of dancing a couple small dances throughout the day for curious onlookers, we opened up our rehearsal to the general public. If anyone ever wondered how the inner workings of a Latvian folk dance troupe ticked (and who hasn’t?), then here was their answer. The result means that the show lasted for a whopping five hours, during which visiting local non-Latvians and Latvians alike could wander in and out as they pleased. Folks visiting towards the end of the day were lucky enough to catch our ENTIRE Dziesmu Svetku routine from start to finish without even having to buy a flight to Canada or bring their passport. From what we could tell our visiting audience members seemed to enjoy themselves, and we Namejs dancers definitely appreciated the opportunity to practice our dances in front of spectators.

Are are hoping to get some pictures up soon and promise to link them here, but admit that Namejs Admin is very busy packing and prepping at the moment and may not have time until a later date. Packing for what, you may ask? Packing for Namejs’ biggest baddest journey of the year: Dziesmu Svetki in Hamilton, Canada! Some of our dancers are already on the way, and most of us will be hitting the road tomorrow. This weekend we will be crossing the great northern border and joining our dancing pals from the US, Canada, Latvia, Ireland, we think Germany, and who knows where else, for an International Latvian Folk Dance Extravaganza! This is what we’ve been prepping for all year long, so hold your thumbs, cross your fingers, and wish us luck!

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