Goodreads Review: Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ’s Childhood Pal by Christopher Moore

Three Star review, originally posted here on December 5, 2015.

Well, it was sure to happen at some time or another… a point wherein it comes time to review a book that was recommended to me by a dear friend who can see my Goodreads reviews, and when I (sigh, sorry, you know who you are, less than three) don’t like the book. I didn’t really hate it either, though, so that counts for something, right? Generally I was just pretty neutral on this one.
The main thing the book had going for it was the general concept, which I liked. It’s nice to get an idea of what the first three decades of Jesus’ life was like. It’s interesting to consider a gospel written in modern-day English (cleverly done via “the gift of tongues.”) And every now and then I did actually laugh at something, like some of the modern-day hotel-room interactions with the angel and the modern world. But…

The overall plot was pretty boring. At no point did I feel engaged. Most of the humor was unoriginal and landed flat. Most of the characters were underdeveloped, and most of them talked in the exact same voice. It was just kinda there. It felt like it had been written by a kid for a school project, except a lot longer. Also, some of the most interesting questions remained unanswered, which bugged me. I liked the idea of Biff being brought back to write a new gospel “because it is time,” but then they don’t really explain why it is now time? Unless I’m missing something?

So, in the end, this book was just kinda there. It was fine, but nothing to get too stoked about.

2 thoughts on “Goodreads Review: Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ’s Childhood Pal by Christopher Moore

  1. Dunno if I was the one who recommended it, but I really loved this book when I read it. Totally get your points, though. Maybe it is a frame of mind thing.


    1. It was not you. But I’m glad you liked the book even though I didn’t. Everyone’s entitled to their own opinions, and anytime you can get joy from reading it’s a good thing.


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