Goodreads Review: Stephen Fry’s Victorian Secrets by John Woolf and Nick Baker

Four star review, originally posted here on February 26, 2019.

I have no clue if this even counts as a “book,” but I’m counting it anyway cuz I need to inflate my stats after losing so much reading time already this year painfully slogging through the depressing mess that was Fear. Ugh. Anyhoo…

This was great! Stephen Fry (and the actual authors whose names I don’t know) delivers a perfect punch of fascinating Victorian history. From loos to loons (harharhar) these short bursts of historical hilarity were music to my weird nerdy ears. Fry’s narration is fantastic as always; he has a way of drawing you in so he sounds like you’re his best friend and he can’t wait to tell you these delightful little tales. Some chapters were more interesting to me than others, which is the only reason this isn’t 5 stars.

This is good stuff. Candy for every zany history lover. Highly recommend.

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