Goodreads Review: Lilac Girls by Martha Hall Kelly

Four star review originally posted here on Janaury 10, 2020.

The main thing I loved about this book was learning about the women-only Ravensbruck concentration camp, about which I had known nothing before. It’s a pretty incredible story about a really messed up situation, and the novel was a light easy read. Which, I think, was the biggest problem. Somehow the writing just didn’t quite capture the horror of the situation. Dialogue was all in the same voice. Horrific details were glossed over with a blank tone tha barely differed from the descriptions of the glitzy socialite’s life of luxury. Etc. I thought the author made a bold choice including a storyline from the perspective of one of the nazi doctors, but her story was the least fleshed-out and I think could have provided much more insight. Still, the interesting true story and general readability was engaging enough that I liked it and am looking into checking out the sequal.

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