Goodreads Review: Severed: A History of Heads Lost and Heads Found by Frances Larson

Four star review, originally posted here on December 21, 2020 during a mass-review of pandemic audiobooks.

[DISCLAIMER: I’m catching up on months worth of Audiobook reviews, so writing this quickly.]

Since I’m catching up with old reviews, I’m surprised to see I gave this 4 stars instead of 3. What I mainly remember, is that certain chapters spoke to me much more than others. Larson organizes her chapters by topics, some more interesting than others. I was expecting a lot more severed head material in the severed head book. And there’s plenty of that (an entire chapter about shrunken heads, for example, and a chapter about soldiers collecting military souvenirs.) Some of the later chapters grabbed me less. I think there might have been one just about art? And one about medical schools mayeb? I dunno. Clearly the info from those chapters didn’t stick! If I’m not mistaken, her intro was absolutely brilliant. Talking about the importance of severed heads like she’s a decapitation Shakespeare. That takes talent.

Anyhoo, it’s an entire book just about severed heads!!! That’s good stuff.

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