Yelp! Review: Poe’s Tavern on Sullivan’s Island, South Carolina

Four Star review, originally posted here on June 18, 2014.

Poe’s Tavern is the type of place that I would LOVE to love, and that comes super close to being awesome, but just missed the mark by making just enough mistakes to leave me grumpy. I’m a big Edgar Allen Poe fan, so I LOVED the Poe theme everywhere. Even the wallpaper in the bathroom (beautifully illustrated pages from Poe’s books) was awesome. Sitting on the deck looking out over the passing beack folks was awesome. The general laid-back beach vibe was awesome. The food was tasty, which is awesome.

But here’s the stuff that was NOT awesome:

– The ladies’ room is way too small. This is a busy bar, and when you only have 2 tiny stalls and a sink/waiting area the size of a matchbox, it results in the bathroom line spilling out the door. There are tables just outside the door. With people consuming food. Who are now stuck eating their food just a couple feet awat from occupied toilets, with a lovely view of squished uncomfortable women washing pee off their hands. Lovely.

– Our waitress ignored the crap out of me. She was super happy to take my boyfriend’s drink orders, but then, in the part where you’re supposed to at least GLANCE at the other patrons, she’d just turn on her heels and waltz off. The next time she wandered over my boyfriend had to actually instruct her to wait on me, cuz she got that “I’m about to skip out of here” look in her eye again. After that she was better, though, so I dunno, maybe for the first hour or so of our visit she just assumed I was a cyborg that doesn’t need to hydrate or anything. Her loss, I guess, since she would have had a much bigger bar tab off of us if she hadn’t waited until the end of our visit to bring me drinks.

– I had a buffalo shrimp burger, which was superyummy. BUT, it was also poorly constructed. There was no way to eat this thing without having all the giant shrimps falling out all over your plate. So you never actually manage to get a bit of burger AND shrimp in your shrimpburger.

– It was also just hella crowded, so I was pretty squished up in my bar seat and getting claustrophobic until the people next to us left. But it was a busy weekend, so meh, that’s to be expected.

One more note- this place is great for 1 or 2 people, but I wouldn’t want to try to brave the first-come-first-serve seating with a bigger group. It looked pretty cutthroat down there.

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