Yelp! Review: Pork Barrel BBQ in Alexandria, Virginia

Four Star review, originally posted here on May 1, 2014.

So I’ve only eaten the BBQ here once or twice and remember thinking the food was kinda meh, but I honestly can’t rememeber.  It was probably adequate, I guess.

What I REALLY want to review is the bar.  The bar is awesome.  You can order from the BBQ menu there, but they also have a secret menu for Holy Cow, the burger joint nextdoor.  Holy Cow has some of the best damn burgers I’ve ever had.  Sooooo gooooood.  Sacre Blu and Holy Pig are my favorites.

So you should come to the Pork Barrel BBQ bar because:

1.  You get to smell BBQ (who doesn’t love that smell?)
2.  The decor and vibe are pretty chill.
3.  You get booze.  With good whiskey selection (I think.  See #6.)
4.  So far every time we’ve gone they have played the sporting even we wanted on the TVs.
5.  You get the world’s most delicious burgers.
6.  Depending on the night, you usually get some pretty cool bartenders.  One guy told me all about some whiskey he wanted me to try, and then was kind enough to pretend he didn’t notice when it bacame super obvious that I know jack shit about whiskey, which I really appreciated.  I got to pretend to be cool for a couple minutes.

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