Yelp! Review: Gyuricza & Hartman Family and Cosmetic Dentistry in Burke, Virginia

Five Star review, originally posted here on May 1, 2014.

This is the best dental office in the world!

I switched to Dr. Hartman several years ago when I had a toothache and decided I was sick of my previous dentist’s curt bedside manner and drill-drill-drill policy. On my first visit, she took the time to ask questions, find out why I had left my previous practice, and what she/they needed to do to make sure I feel comfortable there. This attentiveness confused the crap out of me, and I couldn’t help but wonder whether the love-bombing was a sales trick to pull me into their business. Well I’ve been going there for almost a decade now, and turns out nope, they’re actually just legitimately nice people who care about their patients and the work they do. What a concept!

The next thing Dr. Hartman did on this visit was say, “Okay, it says you have a couple toothaches. Do NOT tell me where they are. I am going to see if I can find them.” She found one right away, but claimed everything else looked fine. When I told her the 2nd ache was in about the same place but on the bottom, she explained how the nerves around the mouth can sometimes send kinda mirror-image pain to the opposite tooth (her explanation was more eloquent). She suggested fixing just the 1 cavity, since that should take care of the other phantom pain. I was confused again, since I am 100% positive that my old dentist would have just drilled them both. Ever since, I’ve noticed and appreciated the fact that Dr. Hartman is really good about keeping you informed of what’s going on with your teeth, but not pushing for costly solutions unless necessary. For example, when she discovered my TBJ, she suggested trying to sleep with a towel under my neck first, try a cheap store-bought nightguard if that doesn’t work, and only then start looking at costly custom guards. She’s also kept a mini-cavity on the radar for a while now, giving me a heads-up that we may have to drill if it gets worse, but potentially won’t have to if I keep it clean. She’s the best.

I also have to rave about Jackie, my hygenist. She is fantastic. She really knows her stuff and works just as hard as Dr Hartman at answering all my questions, keeping me in the loop on what’s happening with my mouth, etc. If you get a chance, ask for her.

The rest of the staff that I have dealt with have also always been super nice. I’ve seen Dr. Gyuricza a couple times for emergency work when Dr. Hartman wasn’t available, and had no complaints. The desk staff are all super friendly and competent. Everyone is great. Also, they check for stuff that my previous dentists never bothered with, like glands and swallowing right and jaw issues, etc. And they give you free swag, which is a nice bonus.

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