Facebook Post: December 14, 2014

ORIGINAL POST:  Two nights ago I was walking down the street and pulled out my phone to text something lovey-dovey to my boyfriend. A car slowed down next to me and rolled along beside me for the entire length of the block, with the men inside calling out inappropriate crap at me.
I did an instant risk assessment and decided to forego my usual strategy of screaming shit back at them because:
1. they outnumbered me, and
2. at that point there didn’t seem to be any other people or cars within screaming distance (both, presumably, are also reasons why they targeted me).
Instead I ignored them and made it clear I had a phone in hand (quick 911 access) and switched my “I miss you! Squee!” cutie pie message to a 1 sentence explanation of what was happening so that if, God forbid, they didn’t leave me alone, my boyfriend would have a clue to hand over to the cops when I disappeared. Luckily the next intersection had people and cars and the assholes drove away.
The point of the story is… the guy in this video gets it. (Please ignore the ridiculous Upworthy headline.)



FOLLOW-UP COMMENT:  I feel that I should add that the reason I’m sharing this story is because it is a non-story. This is crap that happens to women you know every single day, and usually we don’t even bother telling anyone because, you know, it just happens. I only bothered telling my boyfriend because I happened to be in the middle of texting him anyway, and I’m only sharing it here because I happened to have seen this video the next day and wanted to reiterate that this guy is talking about real women who you know. It is not A crazy thing that happened to me ONE time, and it is not a case of ME doing the right or wrong things. It’s about a legitimate ongoing problem in our society, and the fact that while many of us are exceedingly lucky to be living in places where women have a hell of a lot more freedom and opportunities than other places around the world, we still DO ACTUALLY NEED a sign on public transit politely requesting that male passengers refrain from touching or following their female fellow passengers.

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