Facebook Post: May 17, 2017

Surreal. Just a couple days ago, I was participating in EU Open House Day, dancing polka on the sidewalk and sharing my Latvian culture with my fellow Americans. I walked around the corner and held hands in a circle with Romanian folk dancers, learning a bit about their culture. Three days later, I’m watching video of a small group of peaceful protesters getting kicked in the face in the EXACT SAME LOCATION where we had just been feeling the love together. This is Embassy Row, the heart of diplomacy. This is Washington, D.C., the capital of peaceful protests. This is America, the great mixing bowl, the home of the free. Get out of here with your violent bullshit. I don’t care if we have an oaf in the oval office, this is still not how we do shit here.
(this came out a lot cheesier than I meant but like seriously WTF)

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