Facebook Posts: May 16 – 17, 2016

You ever have one of those morning where you’re lazily walking your dog in an urban area and then a coyote comes running at you from an alley but right when he’s getting super close a car comes in and spooks him and then you call animal control and while waiting realize that you’re right next to your friends’ house so you text them to tell them there’s a wild coyote on their street and then you watch it cross the street a few times until your friend goes off to track it into a neighbor’s yard while you sit around for another hour waiting for animal control which drives up and right past you and then leaves without ever stopping or coming back and 2 hours later you’ve given up while your friends keep tracking it and eventually call the elementary school across the street to warn them and then they clear all the kids from the payground and then finally almost 3 hours after the initial coyote meeting animal control finally shows up and then 2 cops show up and then your friend is enlisted to try to flush it out from under a tree and then a neighbor scares it and it runs away farther into the urban area and now you’re not sure if they ever even caught it but as of half an hour ago you know it was still wandering around Old Town Alexandria spooked and lost? Fantastic start to the week. Fingers crossed for a safe capture and hopefully release.

No photo description available.


For anyone interested in yesterday’s coywolf tracking story, they eventually caught him, which is good, and they claim that they will release him instead of kill him, which is even more gooder (I guess they only count as nuisance animals if they reenter the area, not if they got lost and confused one time). I have more not-so-gooder news regarding the quality of animal control’s performance, but if you can’t say anything nice…

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