Facebook Post: May 24, 2016

Informal metro/subway etiquette poll: How much time should you give someone to sit down at a window seat before sitting down in the aisle seat next to them? Today for the 2nd time in a couple weeks I’ve had some dude practically sit down on top of me as I’m still sliding my way over towards the window and getting situated. In both cases its been on non-crowded trains with plenty of seats available in other places. Seriously bizarre and unnecessarily aggressive behavior that I just can’t wrap my brain around.


Metro Rule #1 – Nothing is normal

A normal human being would give you adequate time. But this seems to be a case of men’s entitlement.

I think a polite – can you give me a minute might bring them out of whatever place they are self-absorbed and realize they are about to make an idiot of themselves.

Remember traffic school, when the instructor told you that the traffic cop would much rather stop a blueeyed blond in a flashy red car than a soccer mom with 10 screaming kids in the back. Put on a grey wig and granny glasses. Add a couple of pillows to your curves or just tell the jerk ” Didn’t know you were in such a hurry”.  (-my mother)

I am a fat dude, and have had assholes do the same thing to me on the train… It has everything to do with people being shit, not sexual harassment. Metro is a mutant colony. (-Chuck)

ME: While I agree with my mom that I am an incredibly attractive lady, I think Chuck is closer to the truth on this one. I don’t think the dudes are trying to get close to me- I think they’re just bitter that I beat them to the seat and are acting out like manbabies.

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