Facebook Post: June 22, 2016

Yesterday must have been National Dudes Yelling At Women In Public Places Day, cuz I saw it happen 3 times. One was a dude yelling at stranger halfway down the metro car to let her know there was an empty seat (followed by him insisting she take the seat even after she gave him a confused look and politely waved him off), and one was a dude who saw me come out of my house, walked ahead of me for a while, then turned and yelled back across the park at me “ARE YOU MARRIED?!” while waiting for me to catch up (which I had to do cuz he was blocking my path to work), then followed me to the metro (which thankfully is only about 1 minute away) continuing to talk at me despite my clear lack of interest, and one was a dude yelling to his friend down the block who did not notice him cuz she had headphones in (I would not have noticed this one except it happened soon after Yelling Man #2, so when I caught the woman’s attention to point out her friend, I was terrified that I may have misread the situation and she was purposefully ignoring him- thankfully they were legit friends). Why all the yelling, dudes? Pro tip: People generally don’t like being yelled at.

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