Facebook Posts: October 13 and November 9, 2016

Welcome to the world of eye-rolling low-level daily sexism! Today’s adventure: Female with a Handtruck!!
1. Boss says it will take two people to lift a large box onto said handtruck. Suggests I grab two male coworkers. (I’m not a people? Maybe he just didn’t notice that I do, indeed, have arms?)
2. Male coworker repeatedly offers to push the empty handtruck for me. (Lady drivers, lol!)
3. Mailroom guys ask how I managed to push the loaded-up handtruck all the way by myself, decide I must be Superwoman. (Umm… it has wheels? That’s the whole point of a handtruck, right?)
4. Guy on elevator saw me lining up holes to push the pin back into the handtruck, then mansplained to me that I need to line up the holes if I want to push the pin back in. (Ladybrains, ammirite! Can’t understand the complex engineering of a handtruck! Leave this to the menfolk!)
Since when are handtrucks symbols of manliness? ! What’s next, staple guns? Raking leaves? The world makes no sense.


Anyone remember my boring office story from a few weeks ago where nobody thought I could operate a hand truck because I’m A LADY? Today, of all days, my male coworker somehow crashed a hand truck into a desk and dropped a big fancy expensive piece of equipment onto the ground. Ack! Symbolism overflow!

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