Hope The Little Fox by E Ozols


August 27th

Hello my book Witches!! I’ll be talking about Hope The Little Fox by E. Ozols today. But first name a book you loved because of it’s brilliantly written feminist take on the story! 

“You are a girl.”

“I don’t want to be a girl “

“Why don’t you want to be a girl?”

“Because I want to be a person.”

 It’s a book that really surprised me. It’s a fantasy-fiction which has a brilliant touch of feminism in it. It does contain pieces of sexual assault on women, and it has been written into the story and portrayed with brutal honesty. The depiction of the mental disintegration of a women after enduring sexual assault is aptly captured. The thread of feminism and the plight of subjugated women is woven into the fabric of the story. It was a tale that I devoured, literally. And it has notes of patriarchal politics that…

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