Facebook Post: March 5, 2020

Sigh. Yet another sad day for America, thinking about this missed opportunity for awesomeness. 

I spent a lot of last evening and this morning thinking about what Warren should do. The real answer is: whatever the hell she wants. She’s Elizabeth Fucking Warren; she’s a smart, badass lady who has earned it!

But if she asked me for my advice, I would have told her to stay in the race. Not because she could have won, but to give people who loved her the opportunity to cast their defiant losing ballot for her, and to show little girls (and boys) that a woman can be strong and smart and should always keep fighting. That when we work for the good of humanity, we should push past our detractors and, nevertheless, persist. But, of course, this notion of continuing is cheesy and impractical, and one of Warren’s greatest strengths is making sure that her cheesy dreams are still practical in execution. So I’m not surprised that she has dropped out.

But I also would tell her, if she asked me, to not endorse another candidate in the primary. Those of us who had the honor of voting for her did so because we carefully weighed all of the candidates and, despite long odds, trusted in her to be the best possible leader. I believe she should in turn trust in her supporters to make up our own minds on who we’d like to see win the nomination in her place.

Finally, I would advise her not to take a VP nomination if offered. Stooping to a mostly ornamental consolation prize, being used as a strategic prop to help someone else take her job, is a waste of her talents. She is already a US Senator, which is a pretty big important deal, and if there’s one thing we need even more than a competent executive, it’s a competent legislature.

Just my 2 cents. Anyhoo, thanks for running, Elizabeth Warren.

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