Facebook Posts: September 18 – October 5, 2018

September 18, quoting from Late Night with Seth Myers

“You know what’s a little incriminating? If you’re accused of sexual assault, and you just happen to have on hand a list of other women you didn’t sexually assault. If the cops come to your house and say they want to ask you about a murder, and you come to the door with a list of people you didn’t murder, you’ll still be a suspect in that murder.”  -Seth Meyers


September 21: Quoting from this linked Washington Post article.

KIDS ARE LISTENING. And they are hearing that adults do not give a shit about what happens to them.

“Maybe he didn’t mean it and maybe he was a kid,” Berdia said of Kavanaugh. “But saying it’s okay means some other girl is going to be sexually assaulted in a basement because that’s okay as long as he turns out to be a successful adult.”


September 27: Live reactions to Brett Kavanaugh’s Senate testimony.

Aww, poor baby, have these 10 days been traumatic for you? Try 30+ years, dirtbag.


I’m not sure how coming out and screaming angry insults at senators is supposed to give the impression that you will be an even-keel jurist fit to sit on the highest court in the land?


Coaching girls’ sports means you’re automatically a champion of women? Poll your female athlete friends- there are PLENTY of creepy coaches out there.

[Note: 4 separate women commented on this post to confirm based on their own personal experiences.]


September 28: Quoting from this linked video of Trae Crowder.

Me: “His inability to keep his fucking shit together any better than he did while testifying about it today? That’s reason enough by itself to not give him this job. That’s how important the job is. That’s how high the standard should be.”

Commenter: Why the profanity?

Me: We have way more important shit to worry about right now than profanity.


October 5: Referencing this linked video from The Daily Show.

I want to quote this entire thing. Trevor Noah is hitting every nail on the head here. Ugh.

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